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We’ve created for Staytray: Business Card Design, Postcard Design, PPT Template, Press Release Document, Pull Up Banner, Capability Statement, Website, Brochure Design


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. I have loved my working relationship with Grendesign. I’ve found everyone really professional and willing to help and attentive. Each and every time my expectation has been exceeded with regards to quality and content of work.

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A. I only have wonderful things to say. The quality of work has been consistent. I’ve been so impressed with all content and it has been superior to anything I had previously received from other agencies. The mindfulness to our brand and flow throughout all formats has been really pleasing. I think often I’ve been spoilt for choice when afforded the choice of 2 or 3 great designs.

Q. What could be better?
A. The one thing I was conscious of early on in the piece was the communication. Having previously working in large corporate, we were required to over-communicate, which meant an acknowledgement of an email, or just a check-in. Given these ways of working, there were times I had assumed work on my brief hadn’t commenced, and then I’d be pleasantly surprised by receiving a few items of work. It was a nice surprise but a quick 2 liner to check in would have been really reassuring…and might have saved me spamming both Georgia and Rebekah ?

Answers from: Kate, Business Owner


We’ve created for Gordon Glass Studios: Website Refresh, Mailchimp Campaign Design + Flyer Design


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. We found working with grendesign an absolute pleasure. It was important to us as artists that what we do came across visually, and with content that explained our craft without too much fluff..!! After listening to what we required, the girls were excellent in giving us ideas about layout, design, colours and content. It all came together beautifully in the end and we are extremely pleased with the result. It was never too much trouble to make any changes and getting our online shop up and running was very exciting.

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A. We have had a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Mainly that it looks fresh and inviting and easy to use.

Q. What could be better?  
A. I don’t think there’s anything you can do better. We were extremely impressed with your professionalism, eye for detail, creativity and follow up training to manage it ourselves.

Answers from: Eileen, Business Owner


We’ve created for Cherry Lending: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design, 


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. I have been working with Grendesign since the beginning and my relationship with everyone just keeps getting better and better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel like part of the team which really helps when you are busy with your own business but need to make important marketing and graphic design decisions and changes.

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A. Not as yet as I haven’t really launched it. In saying that those that are close to me and have seen it LOVE it.

Q. What could be better?  
A. I think for the most part you guys are fantastic and if I was to suggest something you could do better I’d probably be just nitpicking. Let’s be honest you can’t get everything perfect all of the time ?

Answers from: Nikki, Business Owner


We’ve created for Beachstone Homes: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Car Signage, Site Signage, Magazine Advertisement, Email Signature, Website Design and SEO 


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. Working with GrenDesign has been great! The approach was organised and systematic which kept everything on track and allowed lots of flexibility. I also appreciated that we could get this started through Skype while we were in Canada.

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A. Everyone has positive comments and really likes the look and feel of the brand and imagery.

Q. What could be better?  
A. GrenDesign took on all our thoughts and guided us to a great outcome!

Answers from: Randal, Business Owner


We’ve created for Hibernate Interior Design: Website Design


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. Loved working with the team @Grendesign particularly Rebekah who made the process so simple and uncomplicated! It was great to work with someone who got your vision from the outset,

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A.The website has received lots of positive comments.

Q. What could be better?  
A. Not that I can think of..

Answers from: Kim, Business Owner


We’ve created for Rootstock Services: Website Design


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. Laura at Grendesign was readily available to chat to throughout the entire design process. She was very professional, as well upbeat and creative. She made us feel that our project was her highest priority and delivered a wonderful website that we’re very happy with. It definitely fits the requirements and look that we needed.

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A. Our customers have said that the website looks very professional, and we have been told that it is very easy to navigate.

Q. What could be better?  
A. It was at times difficult to know how our time was tracking, and an exact date of launch. But Laura was easily contactable and did keep us in the loop at all times.

Answers from: Tracey Wall, Marketing Coordinator


We’ve created for Rosebud Hearts Soccer Club: Website Refresh


Q. How did you find working with us?
A. Easy! Rebekah took our ideas and translated them into a site that really captures who we are and what we do. The two design options presented were exceptional and right on the money in terms of the ‘look’ we wanted.

Q. Have you had any feedback on the designs we created for you?
A. Yes. Our members love how much easier it is to navigate and obtain the information. By far the most positive comments are the on line registration form. Never before have they had this and in this day and age where we are time poor, it’s a huge benefit. Very visual also. They love all the kids photos. for me as the registrar, I like that I can point people to the site knowing that all the info they need is there.

Q. What could be better?  
A. More tutorials

Answers from: Selena Prescott, Administrator


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