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Grendesign: What are the Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business
White Tiger Designs: Handmade jewellery

Grendesign: What are the key messages or emotions you want to portray?
White Tiger Designs: I want the brand to look funky, edgy and colorful to tie in with the launch of a new range.

Grendesign: Who is your Typical Customer
White Tiger Designs: My ideal client is a woman who cares about her appearance and what others think of her, she enjoys catching up with friends for lunch/coffee, likes to read blogs, is on Facebook, shops online, shopping makes her feel good, regularly updates her wardrobe, likes to have an extensive range of jewellery to go with different outfits, buys on impulse – just has to have something.

Grendesign: Colour preferences to your brand
White Tiger Designs: I’m looking to change colors, I’d like a clean fresh look, a white background with a colorful font/logo. Not sure if I want to stay with the flower logo.




The logo we’ve developed uses a hand script to emulate a approachable handmade feel, complimented by a fun and bright color palette. We wanted to keep it uncomplicated with clean lines, and to keep the the focus to be on the name and we decided to not included any additional symbols / imagery. But it’s in no way limited – it has been designed to work well as a suite, so it’s a bit like a little family of logos. It works well as just the text, reversed from a solid circle, and in a stamp style. They can pick which logo best suits each application, use them all across their marketing materials for variation, but it’s always going to look inline with their brand.

Because of its simplistic nature, the color can easily be changed to match the upcoming range as mentioned before. It’s effective in a huge range of tones and even works well with a pattern in the background. I’ve included a sample page with some different colors the could be used to demonstrate it’s versatility. A deep earthy chocolate will make the logo have a completely different feel to a bright plum.

We provided the full logo suite in numerous shades.



This edgy playful logo is so versatile with colour, whilst it’ll always still be reflective of the wholesome handmade nature of their products.



We discussed the uses and requirements of the logo in depth, and how best to replicate that bright fresh feel of your upcoming range.
During this brainstorm we came up with an idea that would make your marketing materials more cost effective.

We could design the business card to be dual purpose, and also be used as the jewellery tags.
This eliminates the need to print 3 different sizes and artwork , combining it all into one print run to reduce the production costs.
It also means anyone who receives one of the products will have automatically get all of your contact information.
It would be easy enough for us to organise drilling a small hole in a some of your cards to make them swing tags for necklaces.

The idea can evolve even further – with a single print run it makes it very easy to cycle your branding with your ranges. Just change the colour of your logo / cards for each range!
You’d’ only need to print about as many cards as you’ll go through in a season – and any excess will still be branded with your image, so it can still be used as a business card after the season.

Follow the link for more information on our Logo Design process and pricing.




Laura of Grendesign has done a fabulous job refreshing my brand this month. With a brand new logo, business card design and new look website I feel great heading into the festive season.
Laura not only listened to my requests but also asked specific questions to ensure the right look for my brand was achieved first time. The feedback I’ve received has been fantastic and I would highly recommend Grendesign for any business branding needs. Thanks Laura!

Joanne Tighe