Website Design Process | Flick us a Flynn

It was a great honour to be approached by the Royal Flying Doctors Service to create a website for their new fundraising campaign coming in May called “Flick us a Flynn”.

This campaign is based around calling on Australians to donate $20 in the most creative way imaginable. The idea was to share a selfie and #FlickUsAFlynn! This would mean creating a website that was clean with a crisp style as was conveyed in our meetings with this amazing charity. We have used the colours from the client’s supplied logo and had a fantastic amount of content to create an informative and responsive website. We wanted to create a website that would best promote this worthy cause and enable as many people as possible to donate their $20!

“Working with Grendesign has been a delight. The responsiveness, creativity and affordability of Grendesign has assisted the Flying Doctor to deliver a major public awareness and fundraising campaign with the highest standard”.

“Feedback on the Flick us a Flynn website developed by Grendesign has been overwhelmingly positive, with supporters, staff and peers acknowledging how great the campaign looks, how fun and interesting it is too. Importantly, there have been no complaints about accessing information via the site”.

Meagan Patroni

Communications Manager, Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria

Project Details

Client Royal Flying Doctors Service
Description Flick us a Flynn is a fundraising effort by the RFDS calling on Australians to donate $20 in the most creative way imaginable. Share your selfie and #FlickUsAFlynn.
Key Messages Fun, engaging and motivational
Skills Website Design

Some Key Features


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Website Design

A website such as Flick Us A Flynn with a lot of information, donation details and background story needs to be kept in a clean and easily readable format with the standout feature being the donations needed. The design uses colour blocks or photo panels to help break up the home page allowing the user to know when they are in a new section of information. We have included some stunning rural images that really stand out especially showcasing the Royal Flying Doctor Service planes and the families they assist. Another crucial element is to tie in the Flynn in ‘Flick Us A Flynn’ to John Flynn who founded this service so we have used a large standout image of a $20 note with a paper plane highlighting his image.

The end result is a colourful engaging website that hopefully captivates the user and the donations roll in!

Donation and Get Involved Area

One of the main elements in this design focused on ‘how to donate’ and we have used four separate buttons throughout the website so users can access this without having to look very far for it. The first ‘donate today’ button is highlighted to stand out in red reflecting the colours in the $20 note. We have placed the other donation buttons in each section depending on what the user has stopped to focus on. When a user clicks through to donate they are presented with a detailed form that is kept straightforward and simple, allowing for donations of the Flick Us A Flynn $20 and a possible ongoing donation. We have created this page with information gathering aspects also without overloading users with two many questions. A main event running for this fundraiser is the special day at Federation Square in Melbourne, which will highlight their appeal and involve a lot of family fun. We have drawn users attention to this event by linking this to the ‘get involved’ buttons.

We also worked alongside their supplied provider to take the donation page and integrated the elements required.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Background and Information

When asking the public to donate money it is crucial to provide solid background information and statistics. To make this really standout we have used the inside of a cockpit with a parallax effect and a number counter to visually demonstrate the amount patient transports they perform and the services provided.

We have several buttons throughout the page so users can access further information on the Royal Flying Doctors and we have included a vibrant image of one of the aircraft flying with some of the services the donations will go towards. This is a simple and clear way to demonstrate how you can help without getting too involved in a lot of statistics.

Uploading and Viewing Selfies

Such an important part of this website is the Selfies that the public will post as they pledge their donation to this charity. This is explained in details once a user hits ‘upload your selfie’ or any of the ‘get involved’ buttons throughout the website. We have used several fun videos and showcased the already posted selfies of creative people getting into this $20 challenge on the main website page. This also demonstrates to users examples of what the challenge is about and gives great inspiration for getting involved.

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