Wealth Stream

Wealth Stream

Wealth Stream was an existing business requiring a fresh new approach to their branding.



Grendesign:Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business
Wealth Stream: Specializing in Property Investment. Yes I do require a tag line

Grendesign: What are the key messages or emotions you want to portray?
Wealth Stream: Integrity, successful, supportive, honest, fantastic service, experience, professional

Grendesign: Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business?
Wealth Stream: Property Investment Education sessions, Property invesmtent property cash flow report, I am a buyers advocate who sources quality residential property with a main focus on capital growth. The property can be negative geared or positive geared depending on the persons requirements.

Grendesign:Colour preferences to your brand
Wealth Stream: My main colours have always been blue and white back ground, open to your advise.


We decided to stay with blue to retain some consistency from the previous branding, but we have gone with a more Azue blue as we felt this lighter colour was more welcoming to potential clients.
It’s paired it with a grey spectrum to keep the pallet simple, and charcoal provides great depth without the harshness of black. Using colour to distinguish words (rather than title case or a space) creates a compact modern approach to the name.

The symbol components can be used independent of the logo, with is a great element to brand your marketing / promotional materials without over-saturating them with the full logo.

The casual scripted font used for ‘WS’ in the symbol creates a relaxed friendly atmosphere around the ‘professional’ elements provided by the more rigid text. Trust is very important factor in a clients decision to investment, having this hand-written script provides Wealth Stream a more personal identity, instantly making the company reflect an approachable and honest feel.

No elements or colours used in the logo design will isolate any sector of your wide target market of 25-50 professionals.

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