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Partnering with Kristi from McKenzie and Co Branding Management we created a new website for Velocity Legal with a focus on a bold modern look to make this legal firm stand out from the crowd. The design uses the beautiful contrast of black and white imagery coupled with areas of white space and subtle graphic accents. The use of striking yellow headers sliding into place over black and white images gives a feeling of modern refinement.

Some Key Features


Interactive Map

Header Animations

Social Media Links

Greyscale Image Treatment

Downloadable Resources

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Project Details

Client Velocity Legal
Description We solve complex legal issues to help businesses thrive
Key Messages Teamwork, support, integrity, open-mindedness with an entrepreneurial spirit
Skills Website Design


Website Design

When designing Velocity Legal’s website it was highly important to let the branding and logo shine by keeping the feel clean with design elements peppered throughout that are complementary to the existing logo. Accents colours of yellow and pale blue highlight important information and allow the user to access further details seamlessly.


Animations and Backgrounds

Custom photography and feel which is what makes this website and legal firm really shine. We used a greyscale overlay on all images so as not to distract from the key images. Coloured graph lines slide into place seamlessly as the user navigates down the page further emphasising the idea of movement and balance.

Insights and Awards Pages

Within the design, we built a purpose Blog specific to this business that incorporates the firms existing LinkedIn Articles. Using engaging images to match each article this is a page that makes you want to investigate the information further!

An awards page was created to feature Velocity Legal’s many industry accolades. This page is a great example of highlighting your successes so that potential clients can learn more about the business.

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