Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

NEW LOGO DESIGN for Transform Your Life

Transform your Life is a Health Product Consultant


Design focused on developing that personal connection with their clients.

 The logo design incorporates a casual scripted font to bring movement, energy and character to the brand – ‘YOUR LIFE’ appearing in uppercase to emphasise this point and create a sense of urgency.

The tagline tucks neatly underneath in luxuriously spaced thin capital letters. This structured san serif font is a vast contrast to the free flowing hand script and provides a solid base for the logo.

 The colours blend together a mix of vibrance and calmness, emulating the product’s benefits of more energy and less stress.

The bright green emulates the tones new spring growth, full of life and energy, whilst the watermelon pink hues bring a friendly and approachable warmth.

The blended image pictured top left melds the two elements together in a soft, seamless and visually interesting way and would be a dominate feature in future marketing.

The business card utilises this image with the logo alone on the front to maximise the brand exposure, with the reverse containing your contact details and a strip of the image on the back to tie the sides together. The details are all in lowercase to build further on the very approachable feel.