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Our existing clients Tory at TJS Accounting came to us to create a new website for the new arm of their company TJS Financial Planning which was a pleasure as we always love to see our clients grow and expand. It was crucial that the new website link via branding to the existing business and yet have a fresh feel for the diverse clientele that would be utilising this new service.

We have focused on the standout green to cement the relationship between the two businesses and used crisp white and black as colour blocks to separate the information across the site.


Some Key Features


Booking Software

New Images

Newsletter Link

Link to sister company

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Project Details

Client TJS Financial Planning
Description Advice that’s all about you to manage your money and plan your life.
Key Messages Professional, tailored advice, achievable solutions and understanding.
Skills Website Design


Website Design

When creating the design for TJS Financial Planning it was important not to let a large amount of content and information overwhelm their potential clients and users. Easy searching was a priority for this site and we have created dropdowns which help break up the information and allow the client to focus on the service they are interested in without going through large amounts of text.

The new website has a fresh feel with modern background images and the handwritten font we sourced gives a personable feel that puts clients at ease.


Our Process Pages

New clients are not always sure what a financial planner does and may be unfamiliar with the process going forward so ee created the ‘Our Process’ page to allow new users to go through step by step what the process for dealing with a financial planner will be. This reassures the new client that they are dealing with a professional experienced company and will know what is expected and the services they will be provided.

Images and links

The TJS Financial Planning website is given a fresh modern feel with images that reflect young couples right through to the older generation who can benefit from this companies services. Bright and colourful the images again give a warm welcoming feel to the site.

We incorporated several links throughout the site such as an informative newsletter, the ability to book an appointment directly with the TJS team and links through to their sister company TJS Accounting mean that a user never has to leave the page for all the relevant information they need.


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