The Performers Project

The Performers Project Logo Design

logo design process

The Performers Project is a local company run by Emma Kaman and if your child is ready to step into the spotlight this is the studio for you. Their focus is on dance but also on acting and singing. They are all about taking your young performer in whichever direction they want to go! What a pleasure to be approached by Emma to refresh their branding recently.

Rebekah on our design team was inspired by the unmistakable style of Bob Fosse musicals and brought this feeling through by incorporating a classic top hat and having the curve of the J reflect the shape of a cane. A great link to the incredible performers of the Fosse dance era. This combination balances fun with a professional feel and is appealing to both boys and girls.

Project Details

Client The Performers Project
Description This is a space designed to engage the entire performer, emphasis on dance but also on acting and singing
Key Messages Encouraging young performers, community, fun and engaging
Type Existing business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design
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business card design

The colour palette of simple black and white with the top hat and cane coupled with a dapper black tailcoat make the business card stand out and yet simple. The two simple yet unmistakable icons can be used alone as a symbol logo and this works particularly well on the new business card. Once again showcasing a fun and modern feel, while still paying tribute to the great talents of the past.