Safety Services Victoria

Safety Services Victoria

Logo Design Brief from our client

Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business
Electrical Test and Tagging of all appliances in the work place as required by OH&S laws. Test and logging of Exit and Emergency lighting. Inspection of Portable fire equipment
What are the key messages or emotions you want to portray?
Professional, Efficient, Open to suggestions and guidance
Who is your Typical Customer
SME’s employing up to 30 staff and within 30k’s of Mornington would be sensational. Currently traveling all across the State servicing Harvey Norman Stores, Maurice Blackburn offices, Lincraft, to name a couple major clients so the 30k’s limit is not really applying
Who are your main competitors
I was previously a part of All State Safety Services, I was initially just going to expand their web site to ensure I was given prominence in Victoria so that I could be found if you were looking for someone in Victoria to do the work. I have ceased trading as All State Safety..and I am in the process of having a new web site developed with same colours as theirs. But I may have to add an extra colour just to maintain some difference, but I do like the look at theirs.
Colour preferences to your brand
The Black and Orange colours look great but I am open to ideas



Given their wide range of clients we felt it would best to focus on producing really clean designs, with strong solid elements.

We’ve incorporated the plug unto the ‘y’ of Safety to build a strong link with their core business services which is testing of appliance to check with faults.

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