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The Royal Flying Doctor Service has been transporting patients across Australia for over 90 years. RFDS required a secondary website to inform the public and healthcare providers of their Non-emergency patient transport.  The Mobile Patient Care offers non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) services across metropolitan, regional and rural Australia and required a website that would be informative and easily navigated.

The site itself is mostly used by the general public and health professionals such as hospitals so in the design it was crucial that making bookings was a seamless process. This newly created website reflects the branding used throughout the Royal Flying Doctor Services main website. We have used an angular colour block as a design element and teamed it with clean white space to create an openness to the design.

Some Key Features


Customised Booking System

Links to donation pages

Instagram Feed

Downloadable fact sheets

Newsletter Subscription

& more

Project Details

Client Royal Flying Doctors Mobile Patient Transport
Description The RFDS offers tailored patient transport services for health providers across high, medium and low acuity patient care.
Key Messages Professionalism, Dependability, Care and Teamwork
Skills Website Design


Website Design

In creating the RFDS’s Mobile Patient Care Website there were many areas to encompass including a booking system, health care providers/partners and most importantly information on their many services and areas. By keeping the colour to the RFDS blue used throughout their branding and a clean white this ensures the user (be it a health professional or a patient) can access information easily and navigate through bookings to the map area with ease.


Booking Platform

For hospitals and the general public alike, the booking process is kept to the simplest navigation in two sections on the website. This allows the user to access the booking forms at the header of the website and throughout. Once through to the booking page prospective clients can either use the enquiry form to request information and a quote or they can choose to proceed straight through to the booking platform. We have made the division in the two forms very clear by using an angular colour block design. Both forms were created to be smoothly and quickly filled in without requiring too much information. Each form also provides the ability to subscribe to the newsletters the Royal Flying Doctor Services provides.



The website reflects the professional and caring feel that is synonymous with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the images needed to showcase these qualities.  This is very important and reassuring for clients who are booking in to use this service and see the website as their first point of contact. We have featured the team behind the Patient Care service giving a personable feel to newcomers. We featured images showing patient transports to highlight the services they provide, rather than just the plane transportation that the RFDS is known for.  The images show caring nurses and pilots invoking a personal feel for the user.


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