Roto Charge

Roto Charge

Roto Charge is a brand new business that produces products for manufacturing. The core message of their business is transforming their clients production through roto charge – their products are flexible in size and will be sold at a lower cost to the current systems on the market.

With this logo design and brand we wanted to represent the product and client benefits.

The idea of speeding up and ‘supercharging’ their production to move their business forward financially, led us to think about the ‘fast forward’ symbol of two right facing arrows (>>). To represent the 3 components to their system, we’ve attend a third arrow. These arrows flank ‘roto’, providing an association of forward movement with the name. Visually it brings to mind a conveyor belt and the wide-set block style letters are reminiscence of the modular style of their system.

As the symbolism is less direct in this concept from a consumer perspective, we’ve gone for a more descriptive tagline – ‘Automation Engineering’ to help clarify the nature of their business.

We’ve used a strong feature colour combined with neutral greys to keep the palette uncomplicated – the feature colour we’ve used is a strong orange/red, which has a slight gradient to add warmth.