Wellness Pavilion

Wellness Pavilion Logo Design

Rosebud Secondary College

logo design process

Rosebud Secondary College approached us as they are building an innovative facility promoting positive mindfulness for the youth and families on the Peninsula. They required a logo to reflect this new exciting project that was soft, calm and minimal. The logo would need to draw the visitors to the centre and promote a feeling of peace and support.

The symbol for this logo design uses a pattern encased in a circle using natural soft lines, free flowing but still interconnected representing the thoughts in meditation and relaxation. Also linking in with the movement of people throughout the building and the different colours representing the individual students/people or thoughts. It has many overlapping meanings. Due to the complex pattern within a circle we teamed it with a soft rounded font in lower case to bring about the calm and peaceful feel of the space.

The colours we chose for this logo are soft pastel tones but brings in a few additional colours adding a dynamic feel and linking to the individual experience within the space. The logo also works well in a landscape style for a more corporate feel to be used in letterheads or proposals. In a reversed form against a photograph this logo creates a strong feel all in white.

This logo is contemporary, fresh and a versatile brand full of personality whilst still having a soft flow linking to the calm within the space.

Rosebud Secondary College contacted our outer Melbourne Graphic Design studio in order to get a fresh exciting new brand for their new building and venture. It was a pleasure to work with them in developing their brand and we wish them great success in the years to come, we know it will be well supported by the community.

Project Details

Client Rosebud Secondary College Wellness Pavilion
Description A Wellness Pavilion for youth and families at Rosebud Secondary College. A quality, purpose-built place for the teaching of mindfulness strategies
Key Messages Nurturing, positive, calm, mindfulness and community
Type New Business
Skills Branding, Marketing

prospectus design

We created a prospectus document for the Wellness Pavilion to showcase the community need for this facility and as an invitation to become involved and part of this initiative. This document has an abundance of information to peruse so it was necessary that it be easily read,  especially the crucial component of the communities invitation to donate and help get this project off the ground. This was put forward in a simple manner in the Supporting our vision section of the prospectus.

The logo is used throughout both in the colour version and the reversed white which is striking over the photograph. Several eye catching images are used both of the students, supporters and the proposed building drawings. Throughout we have used the pattern as a background colour to make the document flow and feel connected to the original concept of calm and simplicity.

flyer design

The flyer for the Wellness Centre is a snapshot of the prospectus to be used as marketing material and is a perfect example of the logo used in both formats. The colour logo sits beautifully on a white background with the pattern used as a background to offset the text. On the opposite side we have the logo reversed in white against the student photograph which maintains the flow of the similar marketing material. The flyer is a perfect marketing tool as it promotes the need to donate and gives information without being overloaded.

pull-up banner design

A banner was created to add another versatile piece of marketing to the Wellness Pavilion’s promotions. The banner is a continuation on of the logo but this time used with the white logo on a grey background which makes for a striking look, especially when next to the soft rounded font used in the original concept. An image of meditative stones makes this banner look fresh especially when teamed with light aqua used across this branding.

poster + festival design

Rosebud Secondary College required a poster to promote the Mindfulness Festival event which is a supporter of the Wellness Pavilion. We designed this with a crisp, modern and youthful feel keeping with calm colours.

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