Website Design Process | Rosebud Primary School

Rosebud Primary School came to us recently to rebuild their website and we were thrilled to assist! We have worked with several Primary School’s on the Peninsula and enjoy creating a website that is reflective of the school and their own passion for teaching and guiding young people.

The Rosebud Primary School’s existing website needed a modern and fresh feel, whilst showing a fun and energetic side. The website needed to showcase a large amount of information without having an overcrowded feel and be welcoming and inclusive to their school and the community.

Some Key Features


Specialised Icons Created

Calender of Events

Parent Portal

Downloadable Resources

& more

Project Details

Client Rosebud Primary School
Description Together we give every child at our school the best learning and development experience, making our community a smarter, fairer and more prosperous place
Key Messages Fun and engaging, respectful, positivity and grattitude
Skills Website Design


Website Design

The design we delivered to Stephen at Rosebud Primary is a great combination of fun and readability. The introduction of the hand-drawn graphics we created allows the user to access the information they are looking for without having to navigate through a lot of text. The handwritten font compliments the graphics perfectly and draws attention to headings and links. The boat illustration from the schools logo has also been used as a watermark on dark blue in ’the history of the township’ section giving it a point of difference from the rest of the page. The end result is a fresh modern website that is extremely user-friendly for parents, community members and student alike.


Calendar Integration

A great tool for the school community to keep everyone updated on the coming school events for fundraising, excursions and general school happenings such as assemblies. The calendar enables the school to export any upcoming events, thus enabling them to plan out their entire school year in advance. Parents need only view the website to keep track of what is happening, no need to search the school bag for crumpled notices anymore!


Team Profiles

Parents and caregivers love to know who is guiding their children and we created a Team Profiles page to highlight the teaching groups with photographs and mission statements for each grade. This gives the opportunity for all in the school community to familiarise themselves with the staff and their goals for the year.

Specialised Icons

We had great fun sourcing and creating a delightful collection of kid-friendly icons for the website. These are used throughout the site giving it a feeling of continuity. The Icons also provide easy navigation for the user and strike a perfect balance of fun and functionality.

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