Red Rucksack

Red Rucksack

Ben from Red Rucksack came to me with a WordPress website that he felt didn’t really capture his message. Using his current website I created a few new design options that reflected his content and also helped boost the launch of his first book. He was also finding with his orginial design the click through rate was very low.


BEFORE: Clean, white design that wasn’t communicating his message clearly.

old website design

AFTER: Vibrant, expressive design that reflects his adventure based content.



New features I also installed was a mosaic style home page of images that click through to his blog articles.


Testimonial from Ben

“Shortly after our initial consultation, Laura produced multiple re-branding options that incorporated all the functionality I needed and more. Laura helped me to fix my main website problem (people leaving before the home page loaded) with a design that was practical, user friendly and appealing. Since Laura revamped my site, traffic has increased significantly and readers actually get past the home page. I could not be happier with the end result. Numerous people have commented that my blog now looks more like an expensive corporate site than a personal blog. I would highly recommend speaking with Laura about your website needs.” – Ben West

Kind regards,

Ben West
Blogger, author, pharmacist


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