Puggles Pieces

Puggles Pieces
Puggles Pieces create jewellery, charms, decorations, choc moulds, gift cards, scratch n sniff stickers for the blind or carers of the blind.
This design is bolder and although it utilises a heart image symboling the love and care being felt through the braille within the fingerprint.
Sticking to a san serif font for PUGGLES PIECES provides structure in a bolder weight to balance with the symbol. The tagline works in a hand script to provide a welcoming edge. The script font is quite casual, giving a much more relax feel and the tagline itself is also less gender focused in the wording.
We limited the pallet to two colours, a grey paired with a deep red to provide warmth and richness. The neutral nature of the grey insures focus is kept on the red elements.
The logo design incorporates a symbol. We really wanted to explore how people would interact with their products, look at braille and what their products provide from a different angle.
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