Perco Company Profile

Perco Company Profile

Perco Cleaning had an expo they were featuring their business at and wanted a company profile/brochure to highlight their key services.

They needed a brochure design to generate interest and educate their customers on their core specialty areas. It was important that the brochure highlighted their domestic  services of carpet cleaning teamed with their specialities of trauma cleaning, flood and fire restoration, meth labs, hordes and insurance work. Their previous brochures had been to small to highlight the necessary components we could add into this brochure design.

The brochure needed to reflect their current branding, promoting the professional nature of Perco cleaning, we also sourced images and edited supplied images to suit the new brochure. They can now use the purchased images on other collateral such as a pull up banner and DL flyer design we’ve also produced for the expo. We also helped generate and refine the text content to ensure the flow of information was clear and consise.

The end result was a brochure design that pinpointed the key benefits and services of Perco Cleaning and Restoration.


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