Website Design Process | Peninsula Vinehop Festival


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Integrated Ticketing Feed

Colour Coded System Implementation

Custom Infographics

Custom Imagery

Subscription Windows

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Project Details

Client Peninsual Vinehop Festival
Description Festival celebrating craft beer, cool climate wines and traditional ciders all produced on the stunning Mornington Peninsula
Key Messages Fun, community, discovery
Skills Website Design


Website Design

We were lucky to enough to do the branding for this exciting event held on the Peninsula to highlight the two-day event celebrating craft beer, cool climate wines and traditional ciders all produced locally. We have designed a fresh modern site with crisp white backgrounds filled with stunning images showcasing the fun to be had!  The branding elements have flowed beautifully through to the website design.  The watercolour images used through the branding frame the home page on the header and footer so well. 


Filtering systems for information

The implementation of a colour coded system for the available tours and shuttles allows prospective users to filter through venues quickly and the same filtering system is used for entertainment allowing easy navigation of the site. We have also designed specific icons indicating the breakdown of the venues and what they supply be it ‘cider or wine or beer’ which further enables users to choose a venue that is going to deliver a wonderful day out!


Custom Infographics

Rebekah created bus shuttle infographics that correspond to the colour coded tours and this includes the supporting maps delivering a large amount of content is a cohesive and user-friendly way. 

A special Sunday Post Hop page was also created to highlight the delish menu and entertainment available on the day. Another major highlight for the weekend presented in the most user-friendly way. 

Custom Imagery

When designing this website Rebekah showcased the venue and entertainment with stunning imagery of the peninsula. The enticing images of fun and food beckon the user to get tickets and come along to this wonderful weekend. This required a large amount of image re-sizing and restructuring to ensure every page on this website is a eye-catching as the one before. 


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