Peninsula Grammar Branding Design Process

Peninsula Grammar Logo Design
Peninsula Grammar Logo Design on White Background
Peninsula Grammar Logo Design and Business Card

Logo Design Process

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsulas very own Peninsula School approached the team here at Grendesign with an exciting proposal – the school was looking to update their distinctive logo design, name and branding. A delicate design brief for sure! The school is renowned both on the Mornington Peninsula and across Melbourne as a pillar of the education community and acclaimed for the opportunities it provides both boys and girls throughout their schooling years.

The Grendesign team had several meetings with the school to ascertain the key elements they wanted the refresh and the values they wanted to be embodied in their logo design. Our graphic designers came up with a fresh and modern approach that reflected the schools forward-thinking learning environment but paid respect to the proud heritage that it had established.

The name was changed from The Peninsula School to Peninsula Grammar. To reflect this streamlining, our graphic design team focused heavily on the font, replacing the more traditional serif with a more modern san-serif. A seemingly simple change in the logo design, yet the precision of the font’s clean lines and the simplified the feel and spacious formatting brought forth a commanding presence and air of sophistication to the brand. The result is a modern logo design that still retains the traditional feel.

The new look logo design was supported by a contemporary publication style which uses a deep blue woodgrain for a visually rich textured feel, and a further simplified white version of the crest within a solid red shield, whose shape which was replicated throughout their materials as a feature overlay on images.

We believe the end result is a functional modern brand that pays homage to the schools proud heritage as the Mornington Peninsulas most prestigious education facility.

Project Details

Client The Peninsula School
Description Peninsula Grammar is a day and boarding school for approximately 1450 students from three-year-old Kindergarten to Year 12
Key Messages Nurture, Inspire, Excellence and Community
Type Existing 
Skills Branding and marketing materials

Peninsula Grammar Printed Brochures

Flyer and Handouts Design

The sporting materials we created maintained the crisp and clean streamlined ethos of the new logo design.

This year level handout clearly communicates the content through a well-established hierarchy and features only the simplified red shield symbol, showcasing the more pared back approach of their internal documents, which have a lighter brand presence.

The DL flyer template developed, overlays the shield shape on an image creating a unique space for a feature statement, and the simplified red shield over the edge. This uncluttered layout showcases the message – ensuring the most important information is highlighted. The reverse side contains the text content flanked by the supporting publication style of the branding. We felt that this format is incredibly flexible and can be easily adapted to house almost any image, logo, or information needed.

Business Card Design for Peninsula Grammar

Business Card design

A business card is an important tool when it comes to leaving a lasting impression, so it was important this new directive had a strong presence with their Business card.

The design features the text component of the logo design on the front over the blue wood grain to maximise the impact of the new brand. The contact information sits on the reverse with the red shield version of the crest in the top corner. This traditional feeling layout teamed with the modern components echoes the brand’s direction of successfully looking to the future whilst acknowledging the past.

Letterhead design for Peninsula Grammar

Letterhead, With Compliments Slip and Envelope Design

Used for more official documents, the letterhead design and the ‘with compliments’ slip we created for Peninsula Grammar had a more traditional feel, using the original full-colour crest version of the logo.

The letterhead design utilises the schools ‘Learn Grow Flourish’ tagline above the contact details at the base of the letterhead providing an uncrowded document with ample working space. The follower page simplifies this further to include just the crest as a header.

The accompanying envelope was created using a blue version of the simplified crest, making it simple and easy to print using a one colour format.

Graphic Design Work for Peninsula Grammar

Certificate design

Peninsula Grammar asked our Mornington graphic design team to develop several styles of certificates for many varied purposes. This Colour Certificate is distributed to students who have achieved special distinction and/or provided a great contribution to the school – truly a document you would be very proud receive.

The template we created follows the more official feel of the letterhead, using the full-colour crest version of the logo. These documents can be populated as required by the school, and have ample space for the name on a single line (shown left) or as a split line (shown centre and right) making them quite flexible. Each certificate design has the representation of the stamp seal with the school’s crest giving the certificate a polished, traditional finish.

Logo Design on Booklet for Peninsula Grammar

Handbook design

A student handbook was required by the school that is handed out for all the particular year levels containing various information and reports for the students and families.

For the design on the cover, we have used a single hero image and the supporting marketing style banner. The back of the handbook is kept clean and uncluttered with the tagline and school details at the base of the cover.

The internal pages use a combination of feature image pages and text pages to break up the content and draw focus to key information. The text hierarchy is easy to follow and allows for effective communication even when in large blocks of text are required. Also developed was a header style spread to add variation and assist in identifying different sections within the document (not shown).

Still to come…

Our graphic designers continue to work with Peninsula Grammar to create a Style Guide to ensure the integrity of their new brand remains consistent throughout any materials they produce. A style guide is an important resource for any brand that will be handled by multiple staff and/or third party entities over time.

We will also be working on bus signage and several marketing items. We look forward to working with Peninsula Grammar to ensure their branding is fresh and modern long after the exciting launch phase!

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