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Nick from Nidac Coaching has extensive experience and knowledge in the Real Estate sector and over 15 years personally coached and assisted thousands of executives at all levels across a number of industries. He required a website design that reflected his professional approach whilst conveying his approachability and personal touch.


Some Key Features


Logo Refinement

Favicon Design

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Imagery Touching

Art Direction

Project Details

Client Nidac Coaching
Description Leadership coaching and facilitation for Real Estate Executives
Key Messages Professional, insight and passion
Skills Website Design and business card


Website Design

We focused on working towards clean white spaces and minimal text coupled with a strong brand colour palette, this created impact and gives his clients an ease of use. A full-width header image gives the user an instant feel for the business and the approach Nick uses.  The adapted cog graphics is used throughout the site to create interest and signal points of interest.


Photography Direction

We selected several stock images for Nick to give him an imagery direction for the look of his new website. This enabled Nick to approach a professional photographer with a clear vision in mind and a direction for the photographs he required. The images showcase Nick very well and give the website a warm and welcoming feel featuring the man you will be dealing with.

This saved Nick much time in unwanted photos and trying to work with the photographer to come up with a direction and theme for the photos he required. This resulted in an easy and pleasant experience for Nick.

Supporting Visual Elements to the Brand

Nick loved the idea of expanding on his existing cog graphic to represent his brand with all the elements he uses in his daily teachings. We have used this as a strong element in the header image to demonstrate how this service works and what customers can expect.

Adaptions of the cog graphic is used throughout the site to create interest and signal points of interest such as the ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Why’ sections on the home page. 

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