Masa Trading

Masa Trading


Masa Trading is importing cleaning products made in Australia to Sri Lanka, the current market place over there is saturated with harsh cleaning chemicals.

The new business needed to symbolise and reflect it’s Australian link. The new logo design needed to be bright and colourful – target a medium price rands market.Main target market – cleaning companies, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes. business 2 business – not domestic market.
Key points: Highest Quality, Quick action, Not harmful, Multiple uses



After a brainstorming session in the studio we decided that the best chance of creating a recognisable link to Australia was to use the kangaroo. It’s iconic & unique to Australia, and the kangaroo has been synonymous with representing us in both local and international markets for many years.

Our focus was to move towards a more corporate company feel rather than emulate the look of cleaning brands that are targeted at domestic consumers.

The design concept has a subtle Australian link, using the roo image as part of the text formation between the s & a to creating what we refer to as a typographic based logo.

We’ve toned it with a blue to green gradient to again emphasise the fresh bright feel, but due to it’s simplistic form it also works very well as a solid colour, and also reversed out (white on a coloured background). This opens up a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing marketing, and can also result is a more cost effective options for printing (in some products, the less colours you can use the less the cost will be).

The font is very bold, but has quite a soft curved letterform and when all in lowercase it becomes very approachable and friendly. Within the logo design process we explored the colour red which was the clients preference but to keep within his design brief about being not harmful and highest quality we felt the red tones didn’t reflect the right message – more of a warning or cheap feel. The gradient lends to clean, fresh, safe and friendly.


When creating the lodi design with our client we ensure we cover all the possible avenues and the clients requests – it’s best to explore the options within this process than to change directions after the launch of your new logo and brand. Talk to us today about your business and how we can create the right design solution for you.



The client was getting the labels printed in SriLanka so we were supplied the template to add the new logo design and brand information. This was then mocked up on the bottles to demonstrate how it would look once printed and applied. We can then also used the mocked up bottles for the new website coming soon.

Follow the link for more information on our Logo Design process and pricing.


Talk to us today about how we can create the right logo design solution for your business.