Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Looking Forward was looking for a new logo design and refresh of their branding.



Originally the business was branded separately – looking Forward Counselling and Looking Forward Mindfulness. After going through our branding questions and discussing the business it became clear that they needed to be brought together under the one banner – Looking Forward, with the tagline added as the separate businesses. Helping to educate their customers about both elements and how they can work together.

logo-design-refresh-before-mindfulness logo-design-refresh-before



The focus or message we wanted to portray after speaking with the business owner was talking/communicating/sharing with you they will reach balance/happiness – either though counselling or mindfulness workshops/courses. The new logo design links into this message with an arrow cut into the ‘D’ of the word forward, this slight addition is subtle yet creates a unique look for the clean crisp font for your business name.


We’ve retained the colour pallet from the original branding – the arrows link through to the 2 sectors through colour with counselling being ‘blue’ and mindfulness ‘orange’. This symbol can also be used independently from the text offering flexibility in future marketing projects.



We also refreshed the business card design – bringing in a photo/illustration to sit behind the logo which will also be used on the website design.