Kirkham-Smith Consultants

Kirkham-Smith Consultants

We are passionate about creating the right logo design for our clients and aligning the design to their target market to ensure they are connecting with their customers.

Kirkham-Smith Consultants was a perfect project in this case.


Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business
Learning and Development projects include quality reviews of nationally recognised training and assessment resources to ensure compliance with the appropriate units of competency, skill sets or qualifications; the development of learning and assessment strategies aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework, in addition to ‘just in time’ professional development activities not requiring alignment to the current national training framework.

Facilitation services with a focus on emergency services and emergency management agencies and working with agencies in   the area of incident management that focusses on the use of the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS).

What are the key messages or emotions you want to portray?
Contemporary, Innovative, Personalised/indiviudalised, Professional

Who is your Typical Customer
Public sector (government) and statutory authorities with strong procurement approaches and policies
Emergency and incident response agencies (not at the triple 000 – beyond that level) – community impact by emergencies
Male, very response and action focussed





The logo ‘+’ symbols link into their 3 main core business services so throughout their branding they can use these colours to represent the different sectors. Helping their customers to visually understand what area they are communicating about.




Here is the reverse side of the card -which we’ve used the base colour orange and for certain consultants who specialise in one of the different services this could change to grey or orange. Further bringing their branding through.





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