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HB Plus


Grendesign Logo Design HB Plus Batteries


Formally Hollyhock Batteries Plus, HB Plus required a business rebrand to usher in a new name. HB Plus supply batteries for a very wide range of applications, meeting everything from everyday needs to specialist requirements.

The rebranding needed to be inline with this, appealing to both the general public and corporate markets.





Hollyhock Batteries Plus old logo

The logo was designed to echo the more streamline approach the company was taking to the business name.

With a focus on form, the ‘h’ & ‘b’ blend together to create a unique and recognisable symbol.  The palette pays homage to the iconic colours of a Duracell Battery, the orange a more lively take on copper. Charcoal and grey give depth without the harshness of black, and provide a great neutral platform to let the energy of the orange to really pop. The business card was developed with rounded corners to emulate the logo’s curves.

We worked with HB Plus to complete their new brand and printing within a tight deadline, allowing them to launch the new branding at an upcoming exhibition.

Expo’s are a great way to introduce your brand to an audience of people you know are already interested in your product or service. Contact us to make sure you’re getting the best result as an exhibitor – we can insure professional branding that represents your company as a real competitor in your industry.

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