Gunnamatta Education Program

Gunnamatta Education Program

Gunnamatta Trail Rides are refocusing the services they offer, and needed a brochure design to promote the dedicated Education Program they were introducing for schools and special interest groups.

Even through schools had been using Gunnamatta Trail Rides as part of their curriculum for years, they wanted to revitalise the existing program to create a more structured education outline and more valuable learning experience.

They needed a brochure design to generate interest with parents and staff, support the presentations they would be holding at schools. At the moment the focus would be on teenagers (late primary school through to all of secondary school).

The brochure needed to reflect the new branding we had perviously created, promoting the professional nature of Gunnamatta Trail Rides, highlighting the benefits and the quality of the program.

The design was developed around the look and size format of the Company Profile we’ve been working on for them (not yet released) so they would sit together as a set.

We helped generate and refine the text content, and select images that would accurately represent the professional nature of Gunnamatta and experience participants in the program could expect, including both male and female photos. Although in the past the interest for their programs was predominately female, they didn’t want to isolate it just to one gender.

The end result was a brochure design that pinpointed the key benefits of the program and reflected the positive, professional culture at Gunnamatta Trail Rides.