Build Your Business Frankston City Council 2014

Build Your Business Frankston City Council 2014

This design was developed for Build Your Business with the focus on providing a very clean, abstract cover based on the shapes created from the ‘Opportunity Growth Lifestyle’ arrow, leaving the focus strongly on the branding.

On the cover, the booklet title is incorporated into the logo, inline with what has been created previously on both the 2012-2013 Annual Report and the 2013-2017 Council Plan.


We’ve used the arrow symbol here as a lead-in from the headings to the introductory paragraphs. Used as more of a directional tool leading the readers eye across to a further explanation, echoing the message of progress and continuation. We explored using a heavy image focus, trying to humanise the content and provide a relatable visual link for business owners without using traditional business stock imagery. The underlying theme across all the photos is the concept of building a business with ‘your own hands’. A strong and relatable message for owners of both developing and established enterprises.

Solid colour blocking throughout continues the clean feel, and the cropping bar across the bottom links the internal together with the external, provided a very unified document.

Along with creating the new program, we’ve also supplied an internal style Guide so the brand keeps it’s consistency through the department. Powerpoint and Word Doc templates.


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