EXP Design

EXP Design


EXP Design is an Automation repair and servicing company

A typographic new logo design utilising the flat colouring style.
The symbol element, a schematic resistor, is integrated into the type, linking into the crossbar of the E.  This imagery is easily interpreted to the layman as relating electricity. The text is a clean, thick san-serif lowercase font that provides a modern and approachable feel.

The colour palette teams a vibrant blue to bring vitality and energy to the brand, with a dark neutral charcoal that provides depth without the harshness of black.



The card itself trimmed narrower then standard, complimenting the long landscape nature of the logo, and the print has a Spot UV applied.

The logo appears on the front to maximise the brand exposure and the contact information is on a blue background on the back for added visual contrast.