Evolve Myotheraphy

Evolve Myotheraphy


Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business?
We look after clients somatic health and wellness and maintain them to be able to live a balanced, pain free life. To coach clients beyond the means of coming for pain relief and align to a deeper understanding about why the pain may be starting in the first place. To coach them to align their head, heart and gut to make generative changes in their lives.
To train other body workers ( myotherpist / massage therapists / remedial therapists / chiropractors / osteopaths etc ) to become mBit coaches, so that they can evolve their clients perceptions of the way they do pain in the world

What are the key messages or emotions you want to portray?
Authentic self, – Generative (percevive the world in a different way), Aligned, Compassion / Creativity / Courage
Who is your Typical Customer
Females and Males, 18 – 65 y/o, Bodyworkers of all fields. Individuals who have regular treatment

Colour preferences to your brand?
Green, Red, orange – happy to have more colours




The one thing we really felt after going over the logo design brief was that they weren’t your typical myotherapist. Your focus on a whole wellness outlook combined with the raw textural feel of the brands that were provided began to build in our minds a unique earthly quality, and this is something we’ve tried to focus on in the designs.


We selected green as your feature colour. We’ve chosen this because we feel it’s very symbolic of growth, and supports the earthly connection in a bright & positive way. 
The watercolour background is full of texture and provides that wonderfully unpolished rawness, symbolic of life itself. The different tones and pattern within links into everyones individuality and that every person has a different problem to solve. EVOLVE contrasts the natural forms in a solid timeless font, luxuriously ample spacing between the letters giving each a chance to breathe.

Myotherapy below in hand scripted font, balances the EVOLVE bringing back a human friendly quality – but it’s much like a tagline. The focus in this logo design is about evolving, the process & the end result, not so much on the vessel that will get you there. This design also works well as a single colour design, providing flexibility when creating your marketing materials. For future workshops and training sessions we can also have an alternative colour to symbolise the different focus or area within your business.


The business card features the logo by itself on the front, to maximise brand exposure and not take away from the detail of the watercolour. All the contact details are of the back, and we’ve kept this very simple to echo the spacious feel of the logo lettering. It also introduces a charcoal grey into your corporate palette, which will provide depth but doesn’t have the harshness of black.



The tagline appears at the bottom in the same font at ‘myotherapy’ solidifying the brand. We’ve chosen to use the tagline as a supporting statement like this, rather than directly related to the logo. So this would appear on your branding & marketing materials, website, flyers ect as a separate element to the logo. We just love the statement ‘aligning your head, heart & gut’ It will get people thinking.. and asking questions.

The result is a brand that successfully balances organic elements with a professional feel.