D5 Building Group Logo Re-Style

Logo Re-Fresh Process

Durable Homes is a long time client here at Grendesign and they approached us recently to give their logo and branding a re-fresh and a modern feel with an exciting new name change to be implemented. They would be moving from Durable Family Homes to D5 Building Group and wanted to have a new logo designed to compliment and showcase this change.

Durable Family Homes previously built more houses and unit developments for their clients but in the past couple of years have expanded to multi-unit developments, larger townhouses and more recently apartment blocks for developers. The change to the name D5 represents the five members of the family who hope to keep the company running for many years to come.

We worked closely with the client to ensure the direction they wanted to take, not only with the new logo but the branding in the future as this would be used throughout many marketing materials. The font we have used for the new logo has more strength, commanding attention with its more solid form. The tall, narrow shapes accentuate the clean straight lines, providing a precise, solid and well-constructed feel. We have kept the colour palette the same as the existing brand and found their burnt orange looks very striking on a black background.

We have used the D5 to create the symbol. By taking the clients existing symbol and streamlining it to create a simplified house shape as the negative space of the 5. This subtle silhouette provides an effective link to the industry but avoids being cliche.

Project Details

Client Durable Family Homes Description Durable Family Homes are domestic builders catering for new homes, town houses and multi unit developments
Key Messages Quality, professional and follow through
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design, Letterhead and Labels
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Business Card Design

We created the business card for D5 to reflect the branding with the new logo being the focus for the front of the card, simple yet very striking with the D5. With a full page spot UV varnish of the logo, this adds some visual interest and is a subtle brand reinforcement. The back of the card has the contact details centred with the company name ‘Building Group’ minus the D5 as this is so prominent on the front of the card.

Letterhead Design

D5 use a variety of ways to communicate with their clients and among the most important is their letterhead. These will contain a variety of information and the client wanted them kept very simple and clean so that the information wouldn’t become surrounded by any clutter on the page. We have placed a small version of the new logo and the building group information at the top of the page.

Site Signage Design

For their building sites, D5 requires a variety of signs from workplace safety to billboard signs showcasing their builds. The signs can be an effective tool for advertising and the new logo sits front and centre of the various signage we created alongside D5.

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