Culture Place Australia Logo Design

Logo Design Process

The Culture Place Australia Logo focused on the icon of Australia and soft circles that represented the community and culture integrating as one.  The watercolour circles call back to culture and creativity with the overlapping reflecting the multiple community groups and areas that this company represents. The deep overlaying of colours allows for rich accompanying secondary textures that can be used in other marketing materials. 

The green and blue tones are reminiscent of the colours found in gum leaves whilst the textured nature of the logo means it is equally strong reversed from a background.




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“In short, I found and still find working with you good people a highly positive and stimulating experience.”

“In your field of branding and design you are uniquely skilled professionals with few peers.”

“What I particularly appreciate is that you back up your design skills with excellent customer service that is responsive, friendly and on task.”

“With regard to client feedback to my branding, many of my clients have given a “wow” response particularly to my card where they have been so impressed.”

“Re doing better, I do not have any suggestions, just keep on doing it!”

Geoff Carson


Project Details

Client Culture Place Australia
Description Enhancing cultural planning performance and services, servicing state and local government
Key Messages Personal, innovative, solid, fresh, proven, skilled, experienced
Type New Business
Skills Logo, business cards, letterhead and name badges


Business Card Design

In designing Culture Place’s new business card we used the watercolour circle enlarged to create a beautiful subtle texture, whilst the back of the card is a stunning watercolour background using the colours from the logo.

A square edged card was used to add a stronger element to the overall look.

Letterhead, email signature and name badges

We created the letterhead design to be in keeping with the simple yet strong logo design, we also accentuated part of the footer to complement the logo and to add colour and noticeability.

The name badges were kept minimal in design letting the striking logo be the main focus point.

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