Website Design Process | Cherry Lending and Finance

Nikki came to us to create a website for her new business Cherry Lending and Finance. Nikki is a mortgage broker with a background in banking and finance, business development and project management. She wanted her website to have a professional feel with an approachable slant to showcase her services.

When Nikki came to us at Grendesign we first created her new logo and branding which is the cornerstone for her website design. By using vibrant gradient backgrounds in the colours of Nikki’s cherry logo it makes for a fresh, informal website whilst still portraying an experienced professional feel.

Some Key Features


Borrowing Calculators

Finance Tips

Instagram and Facebook Feed

Access to budgeting speadsheets

Downloadable Resources

& more

Project Details

Client Cherry Lending and Finance
Description A fully qualified Mortgage Broker with a background in banking and finance, business development and project management
Key Messages A love for all things finance and using my vision to educate and empower people whilst making the biggest financial decision of their lives.
Skills Website Design


Website Design

When creating Cherry Lending’s website we have made great use of white space mixed in with pops of colour resulting in a clean and bright feel. By using the vibrant gradient backgrounds we are able to draw attention and focus to important information as well as divide the page into easy to read sections. By pulling out the cherry as an overlay effect and the plus sign as bullet points we have made use of the graphic elements in the logo keeping the website consistent with the current branding.


Finance Tip and Budgeting Spreadsheets


So that Nikki’s potential clients can receive further information should they require it we have created a simple section on the website when users can subscribe to obtain these free helpful items. By keeping this a simple easy process for the user it encourages further use with in the site, knowing that there will not be complicated or lengthy forms to complete.

Borrowing Calculators

A borrowing calculator is an important tool on any finance website, but we have all used the overly complicated ones and it doesn’t lend itself to feeling confident with a website. We have several different calculators available for Nikki’s users from a Borrowing Power Calculator, How Long To Repay Calculator to a Savings Calculator. All are kept easily usable and consistent to give the greatest level of assistance to the user.

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