Candied Lime

Candied Lime

NEW LOGO DESIGN for Candied Lime

Candied Lime is a new Catering Company.


We’ve developed this with a clean and crisp feel, but still having a very personable edge.

The result is a typographic logo that has a gourmet rustic-chic feel, that is inviting, fresh and accentuates the playful nature of the business name.

The bright lime had been teamed with a neutral pallet of black and white – eliminating distractions and providing logos that have a very strong contrast, allowing that green to pop and become a dominate feature.

The handwritten font is relaxed and has a casual feel, but as a script almost by default it has an air of class.  The luxurious letter spacing adds an extra touch of sophistication.

The cupping brackets echo the same feel and structure of the ‘candied lime’ script, and their central points are reminiscent of the small peaks at the top and bottom if a lime fruit.

This concept works equally well as a reversed concept, and due to it’s simplicity shines as a single colour option too, enabling a wide range of options from a branding perspective.

business card design candied lime

The business card is thinner than a standard card to compliment the landscape layout of the logo and just adds a point of difference to your card from the consumers perspective.