Brent Edwards Racing

Brent Edwards Racing

NEW LOGO DESIGN for Brent Edwards Racing

Brent Edwards Racing is a Victorian racing car team


A strong very masculine wide font for the BER logo design  subtly linked together by the top line through the letterforms.

‘Brent Edwards Racing’ appears in uppercase to further the masculine feel and is separated only by colour.

The BER can effectively be used independent of the full name, allowing flexibility when applying your branding.

The background box has a very subtle gradient from black to charcoal, and this combined with the drop shadow adds more dimension to the logo.

Such a solid and strong colour combinations insures this logo is won’t be easily overlooked, as the colours are already contrast with a black background, the reversed version remains almost the same, with only the EDWARDS changing to white. The background box takes on a more subtle role and the logo has a much deeper and more luxurious feel used in this instance.

S_Brent_Edwards_White S_Brent_Edwards_Reversed