Breathe Life

Breathe Life

‘Breathe’ uses a simple soft typeface widely spaced, giving a serene and calm feel, it’s a relaxed exhalation.
‘Life’ is in a hand scripted relaxed & approachable font full of movement and energy – a quick note written in-between living.
The ‘exhalation bubble’ is full & round, reflecting the ‘Breathe’ typeface but also symbolising a fullness of life, and MIND BODY FITNESS in capitals is a grounding structure to tie everything together.

It leans towards a feminine feel because of the delicate ‘breathe’ font but not enough to exclude a masculine audience.
The result we feel is really something that embodies all your business qualities and focuses in a very literal sense.



Grendesign: Core Objectives and Operations of Your Business?
personal training, post/pre natal exercise, children’s classes, kinda gym, movement classes, yoga, hypnobirthing

Grendesign: What are the key messages or emotions you want to portray?
Nurturing, community feel, no judgements, transforming, needs based – tailored to you

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