Borderless Business Intelligence

Borderless Business Intelligence

NEW LOGO DESIGN for Borderless Business Intelligence

Borderless Business Intelligence is a Financial Management, training and software company


We used a free-flowing hand script to portray a sense of movement and life, at the end trails a paper plane (linking to the traditional business symbolism) to reinforce this idea of movement and free-range potential

This font also supplies an approachable feel, but to insure your clients still feel your business is able to offer assistance in the very serious business of finances, we’ve bought in the clean lines and straightforward san serif font for Business Intelligence – enclosed in brackets to represent security and structure, widely and decadently spaced for a touch of sophistication, acting as a sturdy pillar for the freedom of ‘borderless’.

A vibrant green (reminiscent of spring growth) has been teamed with a neutral charcoal grey to really showcase the green and provide depth without the harshness of black.