Blissful Bathrooms

Blissful Bathrooms

Blissful Bathrooms was looking for a fresh new logo design for their business.



We’ve focused on developing the design to have a very clean, modern and luxurious feel, suited to your target audience.

The new logo design is approvable and slightly playful. It uses a scripted font, and although it’s similar to your current brand, it has with a slightly rounder less structured style. When combined with the use of lowercase letters give off a casual and approachable feel. BLISSFUL sits neatly in the space created, it’s thin serif lettering widely spaced to give a sense of luxury. The green has been based around a pastel of your current Aqua, it brightens the overall feel and is both soft and calming to the eye.



The logo can also be used as a symbol  – reversed out from simple bathtub silhouette, an easily recognisable symbolism for potential customers.


Due to the simplicity, both of these version reverse well from a background opening up options for future marketing.