NEW LOGO DESIGN Be Your Best Solution

‘Be Your Best’ appears as a stacked composition in a thick slab serif font (a more modern take of the classic serif fonts like Times New Roman) with solutions running down the side, again as a secondary element. This creates a solid and bold affirmation, with each word carrying the weight of a separate statement. BE. YOUR. BEST.

The supporting graphic is a hand drawn circle around the text, akin to what you might do to a catalogue when you see something you want, or something in an newspaper article you don’t want to forget. It again represents the nature of the process, but this is less about the initial discovery – and more on the statement of deciding what your focus is, what you want, and the commitment to pursue it.

These flowing lines also give a sense of freedom and movement, aligning with the positive statement of breaking the mould and moving away from habits that might be holding us back.

A colour pallet of a soft coral red bring attention to the text without being overtly aggressive, softening the font with a slightly more feminine quality. A warm neutral grey has been used in lines to insure focus stays on the text component.

Again the clean lines allow of a strong reversed option and the brand can be broken apart to be used as just text and the supporting graphic can be adapted to be used on marketing pieces as a unique detail or watermark.