Kats Cleaning Company

Kats Cleaning Company

NEW LOGO DESIGN for Kats Complete Cleaning

Kats Complete Cleaning is Domestic cleaning company


Based around a further development of the current logo that utilised a splash of water.

The original logo’s splash went through the name and worked against the brand by being difficult to read – so to counter this we focused our efforts on creating a curved splash around the body of text for the new logo design.

The water is a bright fresh Blue, teamed with the requested red.

As the business name is quite long, we’ve created a hierarchy using the existing flow – ‘Kats Complete’ as the focus name and ‘Cleaning Services’ as a secondary feature.

The bold and solid ‘Kats Complete’ is quite masculine, but using lowercase letters softens this to create a perfect balance.

‘Cleaning Service’ tucks neatly underneath and their wide letter spacing add to the spacious uncluttered clean feel.