Working alongside the Frankston City Council team, with developed a Branding Guide and a suite of templates to help them establish and maintain the branding of an internal department, who focused on promoting Frankston and surrounding suburbs as an ideal area for commercial expansion and investment.

The brief specified a look that reflected the clean, abstract cover of the ‘Build Your Business‘ program brochure we’d developed previously, but also very clearly defined it as a different department. This in mind, the patterns overlaying the images are also based on the shape of the arrow in the ‘Opportunity Growth Lifestyle’ logo, but the decision was made to use grayscale images for more of a corporate feel. The blue overlay colour is derived from the existing corporate Pallet to help keep it all inline.

The guide outlines some some simple ground rules about what not to do and advice on how to best apply the brand. When followed correctly, a guide can insure that consistency is maintained through all future communications and marketing materials, insuring the brand’s integrity is protected.


The guide included advice on:

Logo application – do’s, dont’s and effective positioning
Font’s to use – and application (headings, bodycopy ect) + secondary font advice
Colour Palette – including CMYK and RGB breakdowns
Photos – covering image subject, colour & quality
Effective Page Layout
Overview – of templates & other supplied elements

We supplied easily editable Word and Powerpoint templates to enable all staff to create documents inline with the look and feel, along with headers, cover sheets, a newsletter header, Social Media Icons & Banners.

FCC Investment Attraction e-bulletin



Having a professional Branding/ Style Guide is a great way to insure the integrity of the brand you’ve invested in stays intact. If you think your business would benefit from a Branding Guide, contact us to discuss what best suites your requirements on 5975 6548