Having a business card that makes an impact is important!

We’ve just redesigned a business card for Awaken Within and to give this card an extra punch we’ve printed them with gold foil.


On many occasions your business card will fall into the hands of a potential customer without them meeting you so you need to ensure it represents your business well and also informs them of your services.

Some good tops for your business card design are:

  • Ensure the font is easily readable
  • The font size isn’t too small
  • Double check all phone numbers and email address are correct
  • Look at adding a QR code to link to a specific page on your website
  • For appointment areas add a few extra lines so your customer can reuse the card
  • Add a list of your services or products so they know what you do



This option is much more cost effective then it used to be so call us today on 03 5975 6548 to ask about getting a foil added to your next business card print run. You can also get silver foil, red foil, blue foil printing and more.