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7 important questions you need to answer for your business


The brand is made in the mind of your customers. We’ve put together the important points to consider when creating your business branding which can help mold your customers opinion, experience and expectations of your business.

Your business brand is made up of many elements and is the sum of Perception, reputation, customer opinion, staffing selection, character (yours and the business)

We’ve come up with 7 different questions you need to answer when creating and maintaining your business branding.


1. What do you want people to say about your brand?

Customer impressions and opinions are made in a split second, can change quickly and can be talked about with friend / family and business associates.

Creating your brand is going to help you to impress your business identity and messages to them. Would you rather them have an experience by default or design?

Design I’m guessing

To work out what you’d like people to say about your brand you really need to work out who your business is… I say who because you should see your brand as a person…

What are their personality traits, friendly, innovative, fresh, bold, young, etc
I suggest you do some brainstorming of some key words/emotions you’d like your business to project

Pick out one to three key words, these are essential as your entire brand will be built off these words and emotions from your colour choices to your logo and image selection.



2. What do you want to say to them?

When picking your key words and values it’s also important to think of what you want to say to them…why should they pick you – they must be able to connect to your brand

How are you going to be different to your competitors – what are you offering that is different.

Take the business iinet – their key message for the last year has been the new No.2 in DSL broadband. It’s a very clever strategy – who are they connecting to… hard working Australians… Australian’s connect to trying working hard, reach the top but haven’t reached it yet… and this is what they are implying.. we aren’t number one.. but number two.. They may not actually be number two .. this is irrelevant. It’s the feeling and connection that they are working on. Think outside the square – you will need to be noticed.
Be relevant and stay relevant by being bold.



3. Is your brand relevant to your customers?

Think back to your brand being a person – it has to be likeable and only certain personality types are liked by your target audience. Like you and your friends, you find out you have many similarities and likes…. It’s the same with your brand.. what are they going to want and like

The best way to find out about your target market, their likes/dislikes, their problems to do with your field is to do market research

I suggest doing some surveying of clients – either current or hopeful clients. You can use which is free to have 10 questions and even analyses your results. Be sure to test the survey on a friend before you post it to, they may be interpreting the questions differently than you expect.



4. How can your brand serve them better?

You need to be committed to building business branding with a difference as customers will be constantly judging your business – always think.. how can I serve them better? The better you can serve them the more they will get talking about your brand!

This again comes back to research and customer feedback. Customer feedback is a godsend whether positive or negative – sometimes negative is even better as you’ve caught the opportunity to review and change something others may not have commented on.



5. What does your brand stand for?

Your brand must represent those key values we discussed early on.. how do we do this…

When planning your business branding you must consider colours, fonts, design elements, image selection and more. All of this together need to work together not against each other to deliver your message. Ensure they are all communication what your business stands for, is it clear??? We can help you ensure that your message is being delivered the right way.

McDonalds has done an excellent job with their business branding by making sure that you know how to recognize one of their restaurants or products when you see them. The golden arches alone is enough for people to know who they are. They’ve used the colours yellow and Red – yellow is happy sunny and cheerful and red  can actually make people feel hungry. Have you ever wondered why all the big food chains use red…. it has all been designed in a way for you to connect to their business.

Also think about your business beliefs – any charities, local groups or environmental issues you’d like to connect with through your business – this all helps to bring through the personality of your brand – what it stands for.



6. What is the brand experience for the customer?

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer – all the time!

How are they feeling? what is their experience, are their expectations being met?

Think David Jones vs Reject Shop

When you walk into these 2 stores you have a completely different experience, they hire different kinds of people, their logos and advertising send different message – you know what to expect and if you experience the opposite you become a little confused… this is where you need to address the experience your customer has.

Think about how you are interacting with your clients / customers – what kind of experience are they having – are they representing your core/key values?

Don’t forget to ask them.. how their experience with your business branding was?



7. Do you have brand consistency?

Keep the message focused

From staff, to promotional material, to Facebook messages, to interactions in meetings and phone calls these need to be consistent.

Keep your message focused and create some brand guidelines  – marketing, tone, language

Be sure you cover – who you are, who needs you, why should they care, how will they find out.

As your business grows you need to have even further contact with your customers for feedback to ensure you are still connecting and making the impression you are aiming for.


ALWAYS TRY TO GIVE MORE THAN EXPECTED and your business branding will be remembered

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