Winchester Western Wear Logo Design

Winchester Western Wear Logo Design Process


When designing for Winchester Western Wear our focus was on creating a brand that is clean and modern with a hint of western feel. The colour palette is natural with earthy hues. Our drive was to really showcase the quality of the apparel.

The logo is a typographic logo, with WINCHESTER in slab serif font for a modern feel on the classic western font. The fine letterforms gives a slightly more feminine feel, which is balanced by out using the more masculine capitals. The letters are spaced luxuriously wide, providing a more elegant composition with the air of quality.

Western Wear appears underneath, in a casually hand-scripted text, lowercase to provide the brand with a more approachable feel. Although scripted, it’s not overtly feminine, mirroring the gender harmony created in WINCHESTER.

The colour palette is a cool and soft deep taupe, but due to the simplicity and clean lines, this brand could be adapted to a wide variety of colours. These same clean lines mean it’s equally as strong when reversed.


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Project Details

Client Winchester Western Wear Australia
Description A family owned Australian family business with an eye for current quality western wearwear, innovated, modern
Key Messages Sharp, different, trendy with traditional comfort and durability. Horses, fresh air, western life.
Type New Business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design, Brochure

Business Card Design and Information Brochure


In designing the business cards, we created dual purpose cards that can also be used as swing tags, giving the ability to reduce the printing costs.

The business card has been trimmed slightly thinner, to compliment the landscape nature of the brand. The front contains the reversed out logo by itself to maximise the brand exposure and the contact details on the reverse. We recommended printing this card on an uncoated card stock, which would provide a more raw natural look, and add a tactile texture to the card. Overall this clean logo gives the feel of quality with an approachable edge, again with an air of heritage and balanced gender appeal.

Winchester also required an information brochure to be created to capture market research at an event which we kept to a one-sided easily read short answer format using the original logo and colour palate.

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