The Hypnotherapy Group Logo Design

Logo Design Process

The Hypnotherapy Group’s logo was created with a fresh brand in mind, that balanced both a welcoming and professional feel. The concept involved a clean serif text for a professional feel, but in lowercase to give it a more friendly approachable edge. The text is stacked on an angle (this was the most effective arrangement for these 3 words due to the difference in length), and a simple colourful symbol appears in place of the O in Hypnotherapy.

We wanted to represent the process their service which we realised for many, if not all people, involved an inward journey. This is represented by the gentle inward curves inside the circle – delving deeper that the exterior in a soft and non abrasive way, the different colours representative of the different elements of their life or personality. The calming blue tones add to the warmth and overall welcoming feel. 

This symbol can also be used independent of the text, opening up more options for how the brand is applied in the future. As it’s perfectly symmetrical, it can also be repeated to create a geometric pattern, which could be a supporting element appearing throughout their future marketing material.

It was a pleasure to work with them in developing their brand and we wish them great success in the years to come.


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Project Details

Client The Hypnotheraphy Group
Description The Hypnotherapy Group has helped hundreds of people leave bad habits behind and take control of their lives and start to acheive cherished long term goals.
Key Messages Caring, professional, trust, positive change, create change, re-fresh,
re-juvinate, re-set, fresh start, fresh approach, fresh perspective,
shift in mindset, get your life back on track, create change
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design and brochure

Brochure Design

We created a brochure for The Hypnotherapy Group in keeping with their simple yet effective logo design, incorporating all their programs and information. Most importantly keeping it effortless to read and navigate through.

Business Card Design + Print

We created a new business card design for The Hypnotherapy Group with the front of the card containing only the symbol, but this is then overlaid with Spot UV (clear high gloss) in that repeated pattern – adding a subtle texture to the card. The back of the card contains the full logo and contact details, reversed out from a charcoal background for visual contrast with the other side. The card also features rounded corners, one of the other finishing options available we felt fitted well with symbol and rounded letterforms of the brand. 

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